November 20, 2012


Serendipeddy is the name of the blogs posted by Eddy Bruin on
Serendipeddy in the context of testing means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise” ; specifically, the accident of finding something useful while not specifically searching for it. This doesn’t always mean everybody agrees that the surprise is considered “pleasant”. You can however always learn from the finding or understand a system, requiremnet or user better

Most bugs are not found during the execution of a script and saying ‘Eureka’ this paticular step fails. Most bugs are found by exploration following by the expression: “Hmm,that’s funny.”

My Playpplication p4a20

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My Playpplication for Play4Agile 2019

                      2019 will be the year of showing the world how powerful games can be in your working environment. At least that’s my mission for this year. Play4Agile, an unconference on serious gaming, is an important part of this mission. At this unconference new games Read more about My Playpplication for Play4Agile 2019[…]

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Datatype positioning heuristic – a bug story.

Once in a while you come across a bug that sticks to you. One of those bugs reoccurred to me during the Rapid Software Testing class (RST) given by James Bach. Among a lot of very useful lessons in testing James spoke about boundary testing. I learned that when a boundary is set often other boundaries are not far Read more about Datatype positioning heuristic – a bug story.[…]

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It’s finally the user’s turn

During the start of the fall I was in Potsdam (near Berlin) attending a new conference on mobile application development: Mobile App Europe. Smartphones are already among us for at least 7 years. So why start a new conference now? The short answer is: We are starting to understand the potential of mobile. Even though humanity is using Read more about It’s finally the user’s turn[…]

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Spaceteam game: Lessons in team dynamics and testing in 15 minutes

I’ve just returned from the wonderful Let’s Test conference in Sweden. The conference had many good talks, very wise and knowledgable people and lots of great discussions. Besides all that, games played a central role at the conference. For some reason testers, myself definitely included, like to play games. At several test conferences games are Read more about Spaceteam game: Lessons in team dynamics and testing in 15 minutes[…]

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Why testers need a deck of cards

When a company is in an agile transformation it’s relevant not to neglect people’s customs. I found it very useful to use games to mingle people’s customs and agile practices in order to gain the best result. But how do you get people to play such games for the better?

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Agile testing days 2012: Escaping the Matrix

Before I go to a conference I always set myself a goal and imagine what the conference will be like. Even though I always encounter nice surprises during a conference, most of the time the conference was more or less what I expected from it. Boy what was I wrong about my expectations for the agile testing Read more about Agile testing days 2012: Escaping the Matrix[…]

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Serendipeddy – Coincidence is logical

For months I hesitated to start a blog. For some time now I have this urge to share my ideas and adventures about what is happening in my daily job and my thoughts on testing, agile, mobile, usability and fun in work.

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