June 6, 2017


Spreker / Workshopleider

  • Eurostar 2016, 2017
  • Agile testing days 2013,2015,2016,2017
  • STPCon 2011
  • Testcon 2017
  • Testshowcase Amsterdam 2016
  • Mobiel App Europe 2014
  • Testnet Diverse events en avonden sinds 2011
  • ExpoQA 2012
  • Innovatiedagen 2012
  • Week van de inspiratie 2011
  • Federation of Agile testers (FAT) diverse meetups


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  • Organize your own Bug Hunts
    • Beste workshop op Mobile app Europe 2014 en #2 workshop op Agile Testing Days 2015 NL
  • Agile/Test games (development): Use serious games to teach testing and agile practices and principles
  • The art of Test Design: Learn to use 4 modern test design techniques
    • #2 workshop op Agile Testing Days 2015 Scandinavia
  • Monitoring your Web apps and API’s
  • Paper prototyping: A usability testing technique
  • Testen voor recruiters: Leer bedrijf en tester beter op elkaar af te stemmen


Brewing beer the agile way: Learn Agile testing principles from brewing beer

The good and bad in a safe environment – Using serious games in work
Live videoSlides

Van glazen bol naar Gezeemde ramen – Monitor je product
Slides (Dutch)

Testers know your customers – 8 hands on tips

Placebo test management – Testplan needs in an Agile environment

Yvonne and others – Mobile test automation of the ING mobile payment app

A tale about Testing and Ignorance – Why exploratory testing is a must

Testing a new mobile world – What to look out for in Testing Mobile applications

Testers know your customers – Lighting talk on testing for usefulness and usability

The importance of usability testing – Paper prototyping


InfoQ – Agile approaches in test planning

Interview by Daniel Knott